Pokemon’s LEGO alternative MEGA sets slashed by up to 60%

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Eevee MEGA action figure with flower background from Pokemon anime.

Have you ever built your own action figures before? The LEGO alternative MEGA has some incredible discounts on Amazon right now, especially with Pokemon MEGA sets.

If you’re an action figure collector, you’ll know that there are heaps of different kinds of figurines and statues to collect. This is especially true with Pokemon – the franchise offers everything from Battle Figures to ornamental statues.

But have you ever made your own action figures before? MEGA kits are similar to LEGO, and they let you create some truly iconic action figures that can move and interact with the world around them. A good variety of the Pokemon MEGA kits are on sale on Amazon, so we’ve picked out the best deals.

Pokemon MEGA sets discounted heavily on Amazon

If you’re new to the world of MEGA and buying for a specific person, it’s important to note that there are different age groupings for the products.

Some are for 6 years and up, for example, but others are listed as adult-only items. We’ve included only child-friendly sets in this article, but make sure to double check the sizing and item specifications if you’re concerned about ease of use.

Zubat’s Midnight Flight

To start, this MEGA set pays homage to arguably one of the most iconic early-game ‘mons out there. It features Zubat in the middle of flying, with a wheel that moves its wings when turned.

MEGA Zubat kit.
Zubat MEGA kit.

The kit places Zubat in a desert environment and it comes with 61 pieces. It’s one of the simpler MEGA sets out there, but it still looks incredible when it’s all put together.

This item has been discounted by 46%, making it incredibly affordable. If you’ve never picked up a MEGA building set before, this could be the best way for you to test the waters and see if you enjoy it.

Bulbasaur’s Forest Fun

Following that theme, this set features the iconic first generation Starter Bulbasaur in a cozy forest environment. Something that’s good to note about these MEGA mini sets is that they all connect together, so building several sets together can be a lot of fun.

Bulbasaur MEGA kit.
Bulbasaur MEGA kit.

This set comes with 82 pieces and it’s a decently simple one. The tree rotates downwards, to act as a little bridge to help Bulbasaur across the river.

This particular MEGA set has been discounted by 50% and it’s worth taking a look at if you want something that’s fun, cute, and affordable.

Build & Show Eevee

A lot of the MEGA Build & Show sets are themed around fan-favorite ‘mons and this one is no different. It features the beloved Eevee, giving fans the chance to build a 4-inch model of the adorable critter.

Eevee MEGA kit.
Eevee MEGA kit.

This set is a little more complicated than the two we’ve just mentioned, but it’s still marked as being suitable for kids aged 7 years old and up.

It comes with 215 individual pieces, and the final result is adorable. The Eevee Build & Show kit has been discounted by 26% overall.

Trainer 8 Pack

If you’re looking to get as many action figures as possible when buying MEGA Pokemon sets, this one’s for you. This unique pack features 8 Pokemon and it comes with a Poke Ball, too.

MEGA 8 pack.
MEGA 8 Pack.

In particular, the Pokemon who are featured in this set include Elekid, Mime Jr., Pichu, Happiny, Munchlax, Togepi, Riolu, and Toxel.

The Pokemon figures that you can build with this set can be posed and attached to the top of the Poke Ball as a cute mini display. The 8 pack of MEGA Pokemon figures has been discounted by 24%, making it very good value for money.

Build & Show Squirtle

If you’re a fan of the original 151 Pokemon, this one’s for you. This set allows fans to build a 4-inch model of Squirtle, and it comes with a Dive Ball and Bubble Beam effect stand, too.

MEGA Squirtle kit.
MEGA Squirtle kit.

The Build & Show kits are very dynamic, so they’d make a perfect addition to a collection shelf as a group. They stand up well on their own and are made from sturdy materials.

This particular Build & Show set has been discounted by 35%, which makes it much more affordable. The inclusion of the extra effect piece and the Dive Ball simply makes it even better value for money.

Dragonite Building Set

Out of all the MEGA sets that we’ve included in this article, this is certainly the most emotive. This cheery Dragonite is one of the more complex MEGA Pokemon kits, but it’s well worth the time and effort – just look at that face.

Dragonite MEGA kit.
MEGA Dragonite kit.

This kit comes with 387 pieces and is recommended for builders aged 8 and up. There’s a screw on the back of the model which animates the wings.

The Dragonite kit has been discounted by 41%, so it’s worth taking a look at. There is also another listing on the same page which adds a Poke Ball to the kit, but this option does not fall under the discount we’ve mentioned here.

Every Eevee Evolution Set

Are you a fan of the Eeveelutions? Almost every Pokemon fan has an Eeveelution that they’d champion in battle, and this set features all of them. It’s a pack of 9, including an unevolved Eevee.

Eevee MEGA kit.
MEGA Eevee evolutions kit.

Despite the large number of parts included in this kit – 470, to be exact – it still promises an easy and relaxing building experience. It’s recommended for builders aged 6 and up.

The Eevee evolutions kit has been discounted by 43%, making it an absolute steal. If you’re currently hunting for a gift idea for a Pokemon fan in your life, this is arguably the most giftable Pokemon MEGA kit in this list.

Build & Show Charizard

There’s a running joke in the Pokemon community that Charizard has been featured on every possible merch type – from skateboards to plushes. That’s the case when it comes to MEGA kits, too, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

MEGA Charizard kit.
MEGA Charizard kit.

This kit is similar to the Squirtle kit mentioned above, as it comes with a Flamethrower battle effect and a Heavy Ball.

The Charizard MEGA kit has 222 pieces and it is recommended for builders aged 8 and up. It’s been discounted by 60%, which is the biggest discount in this list.

If you’re a fan of building LEGO sets but want to try something new, you should try out a MEGA kit. They’re incredibly fun and look fantastic when fully built, and the dynamic battle elements make them much more visually appealing.

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