Pokemon TCG collector rips “shockingly” great pulls from Twilight Masquerade case

Em Stonham
Psyduck with Tatsugiri Pokemon card background.

Twilight Masquerade pull rates are a hot topic in the Pokemon TCG community. Fans have been getting tangled up over whether the set is a fairly balanced one or just as bad as sets like Evolving Skies – also known as Evolving Cries – from the Sword and Shield era of the game.

There have been some exciting pulls seen in the community from the Twilight Masquerade set, featuring powerful Trainer full arts and chase cards with ‘mons like Ogerpon. There have also been collectors and players who’ve been immensely unlucky, with some swearing off Booster Packs and opting for singles.

One Pokemon player decided to rip into an entire case of Twilight Masquerade recently – for science. They shared their immense haul online with other collectors, giving people a chance to see the pull rates in action and debate the expansion set’s viability for collectors.

The results are fantastic to see, with an intriguing variety of full arts, popular Pokemon, and powerful ACE SPEC gems. Some of the heavy hitters from Twilight Masquerade are not seen here, like the Carmine full art, but other popular pieces like the Tatsugiri full art and Hisuian Growlithe are in the post.

One viewer praised the original poster’s luck, saying, “You shockingly did really well lol”. The OP replied, noting that they got most of their pulls in the first 3 boxes and saying, “Considering I did not pull any of the big 3 from this set I am pretty happy with it. The lack of duplicates on hits I really liked.”

Others were jealous of the huge haul of cards, with one noting, “It must be so much fun ripping that many packs!” Another fan chimed in here, saying that dealing with that many bulk cards would give them the “heebie-jeebies”.

Some weren’t sold on Twilight Masquerade as a whole, though, with the pull rates and variety of full art cards being major concerns. One viewer compared the set to Evolving Skies (which has legendarily bad pull rates) and another pointed out the lack of Hyper Rare/golden cards.

Twilight Masquerade has been a divisive expansion set so far, with some players feeling that it’s unbalanced and bad for collectors, and others praising it for its beauty and rarity. As we head further into the year, it’ll be interesting to see how these cards perform on the competitive circuit.

For now, if you’re planning to pick up some Twilight Masquerade cards, make sure to check out our buying guide for the Booster Bundle and Booster Packs. Blister Packs and Boosters are a great way to experience an expansion set without shelling out for a high-ticket item like an Elite Trainer Box.

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