Heartbreaking Pokemon TCG misprint destroys coveted Eeveelution VMAX

Em Stonham
umbreon pokemon tcg

Miscuts and misprints make up a niche part of the Pokemon TCG collector’s community, but they can be surprisingly valuable – especially if they feature fan-favorite Pocket Monsters.

Usually, faulty cards with popular Starters or Legendary Pokemon run up the highest price on resale platforms. Other fan-favorite Pokemon like Eevee’s evolutions can also stack up in value, leading them to be highly sought-after in the community.

A Pokemon TCG fan stumbled across an intriguing misalignment in a Rotom V Tin, sharing a snap of the jumbled card online and stating, “I don’t know if I’m sitting on something super rare. Uncommon or not, thought it was pretty neat.”

Other Pokemon TCG collectors were quick to assure the original poster that the miscut card was, in fact, super rare – with many praising the collector for their luck in finding such an interesting card.

The main card that makes up the majority of this jigsaw card is Umbreon VMAX (95/203) which is the less popular version of the infamous Moonbreon card from Evolving Skies. On the top of the card, Vaporeon VMAX (030/203) from the same expansion set can be seen – which is a valuable gem in its own right.

One Pokemon fan excitedly commented on the piece, saying, “Egregious miscut on a popular Pokemon? Pretty good pull! Definitely unique enough to hold on to and has some value!” Another chimed in, noting that Umbreon-centric miscuts can end up being extremely valuable collector’s items.

Others encouraged the person behind the post to get the card graded if they wanted to sell it, with a few suggesting prices to ward off “lowball” offers. A collector elaborated, “Definitely rare, you’ll probably get some high offers”.

If you end up pulling a card like this from a Booster Pack, make sure to sleeve it and search online to see if other people have found similar cards. This can help to give you an idea of the rarity and potential value.

Make sure to check out our grading guide if you’re planning on selling a miscut, too. Getting a card officially checked over can help you understand potential prices more effectively and it can make the overall resale process a lot smoother for customers, too.

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