Pokemon Sleep Version 1.0.6 patch notes: Good Sleep Day & more

Pokemon Go Plus Sleep tracking in bedThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep has announced the maintenance period for its Version 1.0.6 patch before Good Sleep Day.

Players have been enjoying Pokemon Sleep since its release date by participating in activities like cooking and finding creatures. There are many dishes you can make to power up with Snorlax’s Drowsy Power.

The free game tracks users’ sleep and rewards them the next morning with different Pokemon surrounding the Snorlax.

Pokemon Sleep plans to implement its first in-game challenge with the full moon-themed Good Sleep Day event. Check out the patch notes below for everything else coming to the title.

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What’s in the August 23 patch notes?

Snorlax sleeping in Pokemon SleepThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep Version 1.0.6 will allow players to prepare for the Good Sleep Day event, which starts on August 30. The update also adds a night mode for the loading screen and additional graphic quality settings.

To allow for the update, maintenance will be conducted from August 24 at 8 PM to August 25 at 12:30 AM.

You can check out the full patch notes here for more information.

Pokemon Sleep Version 1.0.6 patch notes

Game contents

  • Implementing the Good Sleep Day event, starting Wednesday, August 30
  • Broadening the conditions required to meet one’s bedtime so that players can meet their bedtimes by starting sleep tracking up to 90 minutes before or 30 minutes after their set bedtime
  • Implementing night mode for the loading screen. The loading screen will be adjusted so that it displays with a dark gray background rather than a white one at night.
  • Adjustments to graphic quality settings to include four levels (settings will be divided more finely than before, to help with performance and power usage)
  • Adjustments to the Research Community so that the player is returned to the same scroll location when they look at a friend’s research and then return to the Research Community screen
  • Decreasing the amount of data for new users to download when they register. Music for the second and subsequent areas will be downloaded the first time the player visits that area.
  • Adding a function that notifies the player on the home screen when a Good Camp Ticket’s effects have ended

Sleep tracking

  • Adjustments to make it possible to conduct sleep research even when damage to sleep data causes sleep tracking to fail
  • Addressing an issue that caused sleep duration measurements to be significantly shorter when the Slumbering stage was not detected during sleep tracking
  • Further optimization of power use during sleep tracking

Bugs to be Fixed

  • Players being able to use three Bonus Biscuits for two days after manually entering sleep data in some cases
  • Players being unable to edit their teams on some devices
  • News notifications popping up on the main menu when there was news for other languages
  • The app slowing down and forcibly quitting when navigating to the Research Community screen on some devices
  • The Week Summary graph of sleep times being displayed darkly in some cases
  • The dates on the Sleep Points Earned list on the Sleep Pass screen being displayed incorrectly in some cases
  • The Average Daily Sleep Duration by Day on the Sleep Stats screen being shorter when there was at least one day with two sleep entries
  • The “Friend Limit Reached” pop-up appearing and stopping players from accepting a friend request if they previously had the maximum of 50 friends, removed a friend, and then tried to accept a friend request
  • The amount of Energy recovered not being updated on some screens when a player used an Energy Pillow from their Bag
  • Adjustments so that when a Pokémon’s Energy exceeds 100 when a player used an Energy Pillow, the pop-up will show a value over 100
  • The app becoming unable to proceed after a player navigates to another screen right before Snorlax is supposed to be shown eating
  • The app taking a long time to transition to the Pokémon details screen if there were many Pokémon in the Pokémon Box
  • The daily sleep report popping up over the main menu after a player manually entered sleep data
  • The app becoming unable to proceed if Snorlax’s score went up when a player navigated to the sleep tracking screen
  • The UI has been changed to only allow one Sub Skill Seed to be used at a time because a bug caused only one Sub Skill Seed to be used up when multiple Sub Skill Seeds were used at once
  • Sorting Pokémon by sleep type not working in the Pokémon list when using items
  • In rare cases, the app becoming unable to proceed after the Evolution animation
  • The app becoming unable to proceed if a player tapped a Pokémon immediately after the professor’s Master Biscuit tutorial ended
  • The app becoming unable to proceed if a player pressed and held a team slot in the Edit Teams screen to see the Pokémon details screen, but then tapped another team slot before the screen transitioned
  • A display error occurring when the Auto Cook button and the Choose a Recipe button were pressed at the same time
  • The app forcibly quitting on some devices when pairing an Android device with Pokémon GO Plus + and turning Bluetooth on

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