Pokemon Sleep needs to add these Pokemon types to its line-up

Em Stonham
Pokemon Sleep Pikachu mascot with game background.

Pokemon Sleep has some creative Sleep styles but is it missing some key ones? Here are some Pokemon that should be added to the naptime line-up.

What’s your favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep? There are tons of cute critters to choose from already in the app, but there are some others that could be added in order to make the sleep tracking app even better – namely, more Legendary Pokemon and some more interesting Sleep types.

The recent event featuring Raikou was a great example of how Legendary Pokemon can be implemented into the Pokemon Sleep experience. Raikou is a typically imposing Legendary, but it was captured perfectly in the Pokemon Sleep art style and gameplay.

It would be wonderful to see the iconic trio of Legendary birds added into the game, too. Moltres and Articuno could be tied into weather data, perhaps – could Articuno spawn if it’s especially cold at night, for example?

It would be great to see more Pokemon Sleep types that play into the ‘mons natural habitats and interact with the world around them, too, which has been echoed by the Pokemon Go Reddit community, with one player highlighting a Ferroseed “Planted Sleep” design and so many more.

Pokemon Sleep fans in the Reddit thread above shared their own thoughts on what could be added to Pokemon Sleep and one particularly interesting idea stood out – why not add in the Fossil Pokemon?

Pokemon like Shieldon would be adorable in the Pokemon Sleep artwork style, and scarier ‘mons like Aerodactyl would be interesting to see, too. Arguably, half the charm of Pokemon Sleep is seeing an intimidating, rare Pokemon in a cute art style, curled up and ready for a nap.

Archeops would be another fantastic addition to Pokemon Sleep. It’s an underappreciated Fossil ‘mon and it could make an interesting event focus or addition to the main line-up.

With plenty of interesting events on the community calendar and a new entry in the Pokemon franchise on the way with Legends Z-A, it’s very likely that we’ll see some more Pokemon being added to the Pokemon Sleep world – possibly along with new recipes and items, too.

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