Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers wish for one DLC Pokemon thanks to rare weather

pokemon scarlet violet meteorThe Pokemon Company

The appearance of meteor showers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has fans hoping that one particular creature will eventually arrive in future DLC.

Meteor showers count as one of the rarer events that players can stumble across while exploring Paldea in Scarlet and Violet.

The phenomenon occurs randomly at night and, thus far, there seems to exist no surefire way of triggering the event. As far as anyone can tell, spotting shooting stars soaring over the night sky doesn’t lead to some grand reveal.

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Scarlet and Violet players would like that to change, and many already have the perfect Pokemon in mind for the job.

Scarlet & Violet fans want a certain meteor Pokemon added as DLC

In a Reddit post from ZumueDeleted highlighting the beauty of Scarlet and Violet’s meteor showers, fans noted that such events would be the perfect way to introduce the meteor pocket monster, Minior.

Scarlet and Violet players think the rock-flying Pokemon would especially make for an interesting addition to the Switch game’s upcoming two-part expansion.

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“I really hope Minior spawn in the DLC, as it would [be] so cool to see them randomly pop up during meteor showers,” wrote one user in the Reddit thread.

Others were quick to agree. “They gave us meteor showers and no minior?? Bring back my sparkly space man,” said another enthusiastic fan.

And some can’t help but wonder if the meteor showers in Scarlet and Violet are a DLC-related tease: “Hoping the stars are Minior falling into the DLC area.”

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Minior or not, Game Freak has already teased its DLC plans for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The aforementioned two-part expansion will begin with the launch of “The Teal Mask” on an unspecified date this fall. Part two will hit digital stores during the winter months as “The Indigo Disk.”