Cut Pokemon Gold & Silver tiger ‘mon needs to return in Gen 10

Scott Baird
Cut Pokemon Gold & Silver tiger 'mon needs to return in Gen 10

It’s unclear when Gen 10 will finally arrive, but when it does, it should bring back the cut Electric-type tiger Pokemon from Gen 1 and 2 that leaked online several years ago.

The Pokemon franchise was one of the biggest targets during the Nintendo Gigaleak. This was because tons of unused designs from Pokemon Gold & Silver and Pokemon Red & Green that were never meant to be seen by fans made their way online.

It’s obvious why some of these designs were never used in the final games, as they included a vampire panda, a voodoo doll with a nail in its chest, a gun fish, an anchor shark, and a version of Celebi based on a Native American fertility god.

Some designs are loved by fans who lament that they were never made canon. Case in point: Kotora and its evolution Raitora, adorable Electric-type tiger Pokemon that were cut from both Pokemon Red & Green and Pokemon Gold & Silver.

Fans still hold out hope that these lightning-powered felines will make an official debut someday. Users on the Pokemon Reddit have been discussing the fate of Kotora and Raitora, asking why they still haven’t appeared after all these years.

“They should add some of the leaked betas in a legends game, as an in-joke to the fans,” one fan wrote, while another said, “Probably not, but my gf would go broke from buying all the plushies if he is.”

The problem with the inclusion of Kotora and the other beta Pokemon is that they were revealed through illegal means. The Nintendo Gigaleak happened due to a hack, which also resulted in lots of private information being leaked to the public.

As such, The Pokemon Company might not wish to acknowledge anything revealed during the Nintendo Gigaleak. This is a huge shame, as some of the leaked ‘mons have their own fanbases, all creating fanart for the lost Pokemon.

Still, Pokemon Gen 10 could be a huge milestone for the series, with many predicting that it will launch in 2026 to tie into the series’ 30th anniversary celebrations.

If Gen 10 truly is there to celebrate the history of the series, then that could be the perfect chance to dust off the designs that never made it in and give them the chance to shine in the modern era that they never got in the Gen 1 or Gen 2 eras.