Determined Pokemon player has nearly caught 1k of the same Shiny

Nathan Ellingsworth
A screenshot from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shows several Shiny forms of Delibird all gathered together

One eager Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player is taking “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” to new heights, as they’re on a mission to gather over a thousand Shiny versions of just one Pokemon, to make the ultimate Shiny collection. Plus, they’re already well on their way.

Pokemon player Deadi9 has shared a post on Reddit, showcasing a mammoth collection of Shiny Luxray alongside the comment, “Happy Shinx day! I’ve caught over 900 shiny shinx line in Scarlet!”

The incredibly impressive post shows that the trainer has over 900 Shiny of the Shinx line, all collected in Pokemon Home. Understandably, while plenty of other Pokemon players are impressed, there are a lot of questions surrounding this bizarre challenge.

A comment underneath the post says, “Okay, I’m a crazy person too with a completed Shiny Living Form Dex, but I have to ask – Why? For the love of God, WHY?” Thankfully the person behind the post offers an explanation, saying, “I love the Shinx! Also I thought it would be fun to try and catch 1000 shinies of one singular pokemon.”

The dedication also seems to be bringing other Shiny collectors together, with many talking about how they like to amass so many Shiny Pokemon in one go. Especially thanks to how easy Shiny hunting can be with handy mechanics like the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny sandwich recipes.

One person describes their long Shiny hunting sessions, saying, “when I have a few hours to dedicate to the game I will hunt until I literally have to stop. An 8 hour hunting binge with sandwiches only, no outbreaks netted me 26 shinies in a day.”

This seems to also be how Deadi9 did a lot of their hunting, alongside the help of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Outbreaks, as they explain by saying, “My most found was a 16 hour binge ending with 54 before the event. Now its 100 in 8 hrs during the event.”

While many players won’t want to commit to capturing 1000 of a particular Shiny Pokemon, if you want to nab a handful of your own, be sure to check out our guides covering how to Shiny hunt in Pokemon Go.

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