Pokemon Master Journeys teaser reveals historic finale details ahead of Gen 9

pokemon journeys master 8 teaser imageTokyo TV

A new teaser image for Pokemon Master Journeys has been released, showcasing what’s shaping up to be an unprecedented finale ahead of the release of Generation 9 Pokemon titles.

Pokemon Master Journeys premiered back in June 2020, and with the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet getting ever closer, the anime is slowly but surely reaching its finale.

According to a new teaser, Pokemon Master Journeys’ finale will be bringing back nearly every previous regional champion in a brand-new tournament arc.

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Pokemon Master Journeys bringing back 8 champions

A teaser image released by Tokyo TV, and posted by AnimeNewsNetwork on May 6, revealed the 8 champions returning to the anime for the World Coronation Tournament. This includes iconic characters like Lance from Kanto and Cynthia from Sinnoh.

pokemon master journeys teaser image champions ash leon cynthia and lanceTokyo TV
Tokyo TV released this teaser image showcasing the 8 champions returning to the Pokemon Master Journeys anime.

Fans will also recognize Stephen Stone from Hoenn, Iris from Unova, and Diantha from Kalos.

However, there’s also a very interesting inclusion die-hard fans will notice – the anime-exclusive character Alain is also among the champions.

Alain managed to win the Lumiose Conference in Pokemon the Series: XY, but the character returning in Journeys is certainly a welcome surprise.

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Not only is Alain an exclusive character to the anime, but he uses a Mega Charizard X to battle. This means that alongside Leon from Galar, two Charizard users should appear in the World Coronation Series arc.

mega charizard x pokemon animeAlain’s Mega Charizard X in the Pokemon XY anime.

Considering Charizard is one of – if not the most popular Pokemon, it would come as no surprise if Alain and Leon battled each other during the finale arc. Additionally, Ash also uses a Charizard of his own, which could potentially make an appearance should the Alolan champion decide to use the Pokemon from his past during the tournament.

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The potential for Pokemon Master Journeys to have an incredible finale is very high based on these teasers, with some of the strongest trainers in the anime set to face off against one another.

With Pokemon Master Journeys coming to an end soon, that means the anime will only steadily be moving on to whatever’s next – which could likely tie into Generation 9. Japanese viewers are just getting into the finale arc themselves, but fans elsewhere will have to wait a bit longer until the next batch of episodes is finally released on Netflix, which we don’t have a set date for just yet.

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