Is Pokemon Journeys on Netflix? UK, US & More

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Pokemon Journeys on Netflix

Pokemon Journeys is a brand-new story that follows Ash’s journey through various regions of the Pokemon universe.

The new series premiered exclusively on Netflix, with Ash and Pikachu joined by new protagonist Goh as they travel through all eight regions, including Sword & Shield’s Galar, to learn about Gigantamax moves.

12 episodes of the new show started to roll out on June 12 on Netflix in the United States, but avid fans elsewhere in the world will have struggled to find it through the proper routes. Here’s what we know about Pokemon Journeys on Netlix in the UK and beyond.

Pokemon Journeys on Netflix US, UK and more

As mentioned, the show premiered on Netflix US in June, so viewers on that side of the Atlantic should be well-accustomed to the story now.

Unfortunately, fans worldwide have had to wait a little longer, though. Here’s how you can watch Pokemon Journeys in the United Kingdom.

Pokemon Journeys UK & worldwide

By the looks of it, Pokemon Journeys will not be coming to Netflix in the UK, much to fans’ dismay.

That said, the series is scheduled to be released on September 1 on free-to-air TV channel POP.

The popular show is also available on Netflix in Japan, launching a few weeks after the US on July 1.

Ash and Goh Pokemon Journeys
Ash is joined in Pokemon Journeys by new comrade Goh.

It has already been confirmed that Part Two of Pokemon Journeys will be coming, and that each part will be airing quarterly, so many fans are predicting to be watching the next set of episodes in September — around the same time the UK viewers get their hands on Part One.

Obviously, this isn’t confirmed yet, and changes may occur to make the show more readily available in the UK and other parts of the world for the release of Part Two, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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