Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may overhaul classic feature after 25 years

Brent Koepp
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet protagonist next to Pokemon Lets Go Pokemon Center.

The Pokemon community thinks that Game Freak could be making big changes to Pokemon Centers in Scarlet & Violet. 

Since the series launched with Red & Blue in 1996, Pokemon Centers have been a vital mechanic to allow Trainers to heal their ‘mon and trade with other players.

Images discovered in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet reveal trailer has some fans believing that they could be getting overhauled to match Gen 9’s seamless open world.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet overworld map screenshot.
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet could overhaul the classic healing centers.

Will Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduce new Pokemon Centers?

Game Freak surprised players on February 27 when they announced that Gen 9 will be released at the end of 2022. Fans have since been combing over the epic reveal trailer to try to find any morsel of new information.

While most of the community noticed that the Pokemon Centers appeared to look different in the short clip, Twitter user ‘DeltaUminotami’ shared an interesting theory that the mechanic could be getting overhauled.

“The reason the Pokémon Center is a gas station is to avoid unnecessary loading caused by entering and exiting the building,” they said. “It is very interesting to note that the Pokémon Center inside the City is a gas station. I think Riding Pokemon(?) can be used in the city.”

While the Pokemon Center isn’t fully in view, its design is certainly a major departure from previous iterations and does look awfully similar to a gas station. Regardless, its open design makes it look like it could be a quicker ‘on the go’ version for healing without needing to enter a building.

DeltaUminotami could be on to something as other fans on the r/PokeLeaks forum have also picked up on the new design.

“Interesting note about that open-air Pokémon Center! Reminds me of a gas station. Could be an interesting take on the traditional PC,” one player wrote. Another user agreed and replied, “Yes. Its design seems to be based on the CEPSA brand of gas stations.”

With the game boasting a “seamless” open world, an outdoor Pokemon Center would be an interesting way to eliminate loading.

Only time will tell if fan theories are correct as we will hear more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in the coming months.

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