Pokemon Go trainer’s teamless level 37 “pacifist” account stuns community

Pokemon Go trainers make up the PoGo community, and they nearly all belong to a team.Niantic

Pokemon Go is all about joining of the three in-game teams and growing a trainer’s strength under the banner of your chosen squad. One trainer has opted out of that part of the game entirely, staying solo all the way up to level 37.

Anyone who has played Pokemon Go should be familiar with the names Instinct, Mystic, and Valor. These are the three factions that make up the world of PoGo, each marked by its own distinct color and personnel.

Being part of a team grants players access to many crucial in-game features, but still, one trainer has opted for the Silph Road less traveled and is taking the game on all by themselves.

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Pokemon Go trainer stuns community with level 37 “pacifist” account

The account was shared by another player over on the official subreddit. The original poster left a simple caption and let the rest of the community draw their own conclusions about the situation.

“Bro is level 37 and still hasn’t picked a team,” the caption reads.

Fans were blown away by the implications of being teamless this far into a journey and how it affects the in-game experience.

One player raised concerns over the appraisal system, which is locked behind that simple team choice. Being a loner means that there’s no way to know exactly what caliber of ‘Mon a trainer has caught.

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One commenter pointed out that the player’s in-game Buddy might even be a cheeky nod to this rogue choice, as the Yamask that follows them around can’t be evolved without participating in 10 team-based raids.

Another observant fan pointed out that this trainer hasn’t won a single gym or raid battle but has still mustered up an impressive amount of catches. “Bros on a pacifist run with zero battles and 10k caught.”

This trend of staying teamless was a popular option back when the game launched, with players making their own unofficial group called Team Harmony. This was often centered around discussions about how Lugia represents harmony among the three Legendary Birds, from whom Instinct, Mystic, and Valor get their signature colors.

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