Pokemon Go player encounters fabled “MissingNo” glitch

Pokemon Go missingnoThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go player recently shared a screenshot claiming they’ve stumbled across the mysterious MissingNo glitch.

Certain aspects of the earliest Pokemon games have taken on somewhat mythical qualities in popular culture. The MissingNo glitch that users encountered in 1996’s Pokemon Red and Blue counts as one such urban myth.

At its core, the glitch appears in-game as a heap of misarranged pixels while kind of resembling a misshapen pocket monster. As such, players have been able to catch and even train the creature to a certain extent.

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Nintendo previously deemed MissingNo a “programming quirk,” advising Red and Blue players to steer clear at all costs. Interestingly, some players have claimed to spot MissingNo in Niantic’s mobile Pokemon game. Now there may be further evidence of the elusive creature’s existence in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go player seemingly stumbles upon MissingNo

A Redditor who goes by the name Mr_Wayer- says they “found MissingNo” in the popular AR game, and there’s a screenshot to prove as much. Not unlike a classic representation of MissingNo, the creature in question appears on screen as a blob of scrambled pixels.

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The HUD labels the monster as a Makuhita, and that particular character’s features do indeed show up. Still, calling this a MissingNo glitch does not seem too far out of left field, though one person in the Reddit thread thinks it looks more in line with something from Minecraft.

In Pokemon Red and Blue, MissingNo proved a product of an error from the Old Man fight. Players were even able to force the glitch into popping up by flying to Cinnabar Island from Viridian City, then surfing along the island’s easternmost seaboard.

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Why exactly the MissingNo glitch may be making appearances in Pokemon Go is a mystery, one that carries on the bug’s decades-long fable.

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