Pokemon Go Dia de Muertos Field Research tasks & rewards

Sableye, Shedinja, and Cubone in Pokemon Go's Dia de Muertos eventNiantic

Pokemon Go is celebrating Dia de Muertos around the world this year with a set of event-exclusive Field Research tasks to complete – and some great encounters available as rewards.

Niantic regularly celebrates real-world holidays like Christmas and Halloween with in-game events to help players encounter themed Pokemon, earn bonuses like extra catch Stardust, and battle limited-time Raid Bosses.

As well as an event-exclusive Collection Challenge, this year’s Dia de Muertos celebration also features some special Field Research tasks to complete. Doing so will lead to encounters with the likes of Sunkern and Cubone.

Dia de Muertos t-shirts in pokemon goNiantic
These avatar t-shirts are available for free during Dia de Muertos.

Pokemon Go Dia de Muertos Field Research tasks

These are the event-exclusive Field Research tasks and rewards that you can get by spinning PokeStops and Gyms during Dia de Muertos:

Task Reward
Make a Great Throw Sunkern
Make a Nice Curveball Throw Cubone or Roselia
Win a Trainer Battle in the Go Battle League Alolan Marowak

These event-exclusive Field Research tasks will run alongside the standard monthly Field Research tasks, which you can find here.

Pokemon Go Dia de Muertos special features

As well as the Field Research tasks and rewards above, the Dia de Muertos event in Pokemon Go will feature a limited-time Collection Challenge that leads to an encounter with the rare Bug/Ghost-type Shedinja.

Themed Pokemon appearing in the wild include Cubone, Sunkern, Sunflora, Murkrow, Houndour, Sableye, Roselia, and Drifloon. There are freebies, too, including an Event Box in the shop and a Dia de Muertos avatar t-shirt.

Trainers in Latin America and the Caribbean will also get some special bonuses, including +1 Transfer Candy, an increase in Featured Pokemon spawns, and an increase in Featured Pokemon drawn to Incense and Lure Modules.

Once you’ve completed these Field Research tasks, check out the other Dia de Muertos features here and see which Legendaries you can battle with the Pokemon Go November Raid schedule.