Pokemon Go bug causes Pikachu to perform laser light show when defending gyms

Pokemon go pikachu bugThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go users have encountered a bizarre bug that shows Pikachu performing a laser light show while defending gyms.

Like pretty much every other game on the market, mobile or otherwise, Niantic’s Pokemon Go is no stranger to weird glitches and the like.

While some bugs can drastically disrupt the flow of things in-game, others have benefitted players under certain circumstances.

Just recently, one Pokemon Go hiccup accidentally awarded a player with dozens of free Battle League victories against other trainers. The latest glitch making the rounds is entertaining users in a different way.

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Pikachu light show takes over the screen in new Pokemon Go bug

Several Reddit users have reported encountering an issue wherein Pokemon Go’s Pikachu engages in strange behavior.

The bug involves a Santa Hat-wearing Pikachu randomly beaming bright red lasers from the top of his head, which occurs when the character defends a gym.

According to details and footage shared by other Redditors, namely Geralt_Grindelwald and On_the_Chain_Wax, the same error can pop up with Santa Hat Raichu, as well.

One person joked that the Pokemon Go Pikachu bug basically offers a “gym with a free laser light show.” Others think the glitch would make for an interesting addition to the game as a new move.

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Of course, a few Homelander, or “Homelanderchu,” jokes were also thrown around in a few Reddit threads, too.

In addition to ducking and dodging Pikachu’s laser beams, Pokemon Go players have also been wading through leaks and rumors of late. A recent datamine leak indicates that future updates may introduce Shadow Raids, a new clothing system, and much more.

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