Niantic support won’t leave players alone thanks to new Pokemon Go bug

Pokemon Go support bugThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players continue encountering a bizarre Niantic support bug that pops up whenever they open the game.

Many would argue that weird glitches have become a typical part of the Pokemon Go experience over the years. One recent bug, for example, threw a player into a first-person mode that made the creatures appear massive in size.

Users have also encountered a “MissingNo”-type glitch, which turns their captured monsters into a messy pile of pixels.

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Now players are experiencing issues stemming from a support-related error, which apparently appears as soon as the mobile game boots up.

Niantic support bug is frustrating Pokemon Go trainers

On TheSliphRoad subreddit, user cPa3k shared a screenshot of a message they keep receiving in Pokemon Go; it reads – “New reply from support!”

The player claims the notice pops up every time they open the game. Thus far, checking support chat and rating the chat experience has not helped in the slightest.

Based on responses to the post, several other Pokemon Go players have also faced off against the Niantic support bug.

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One user replied by saying they first encountered the error late last week. Someone else claims to have run into the glitch last year; it regularly returned for a month before things went back to normal, but the player isn’t sure what made it stop.

A few others said they’ve also seen the glitch of late and always try reporting it as a bug. As of now, however, there doesn’t seem to be a surefire way of preventing the message from appearing.

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It seems some people likely experienced the error during the Instinctive Hero event, which ended on the morning of May 8. Whether or not the two share a connection is not clear.

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