Pokemon Go Battle League glitch pits trainer against an invisible god

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A strange Pokemon Go glitch put one trainer face to face with an absurdly strong, invisible Pokemon during a PvP Battle League match.

While many fans enjoy Pokemon Go by roaming around real-world towns and cities catching their favorite creatures, others find enjoyment through the PvP element of the game.

The game’s Battle League puts trainers close in rank against one another in battle, similar to how Pokemon battles work in the mainline series of games.

However, some PvP matches don’t always go smoothly, as one baffled player discovered after being pitted against an invisible Pokemon with an absurdly high Combat Power level.

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Pokemon Go trainer faces invisible powerhouse in Battle League

The glitch comes from a Reddit user named LupoNoir on the PokemonGo subreddit, where they made a post titled, “What type of invisible 50,000cp god Pokémon does this dude have.”

The post included a screenshot of the trainer’s Lickitung facing off against an invisible Pokemon with a CP level of 50,000. Most Pokemon Go fans are well aware that CP levels never go anywhere near that high, with the strongest Pokemon in the game just barely reaching over 5,000 CP.

Members of the community were quick to make jokes about the absurd bug, with some claiming the invisible monster was the infamous MissingNo glitch from Pokemon Red & Blue.

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Others said the invisible beast was simply “a really good Kecleon,” thanks to the Pokemon’s recent introduction to the mobile game and its penchant for becoming invisible.

Some fans joked that there is no Pokemon on the field at all, and the 50,000 CP number represented the player on the opposite end of the field. “I’m guessing the trainer has 50,000CP, dude’s been eating them rare candies.”

Unfortunately, it seems the community has no idea what caused this strange glitch, and the OP did not update fans on how the battle ended. Considering the odds they were up against, it likely didn’t end in victory.

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