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Pokemon fans blown away by Team Rocket in Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution

Published: 1/Mar/2020 0:59

by Brent Koepp


The 1998 Pokemon movie Mewtwo Strikes back got a CGI remake on Netflix, and Pokemon fans are loving it. The community lost it over Team Rocket’s portrayal in the film, and can’t stop gushing over their new look on social media.

Pokemon made its debut in Japan in 1996 on the Game Boy and quickly exploded into a worldwide phenomena. From trading cards to merchandise, the Nintendo franchise became a juggernaut.

Almost every kid in the 90s went to the theaters to see the franchise’s first film Mewtwo Strikes back. On February 27, streaming giant Netflix released a CGI remake of the movie, and the community is loving the new version of Team Rocket.


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Netflix / The Pokemon Company
Netflix released a CGI remake of the first Pokemon movie in 2020.

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Netflix’s remake is a 3D CGI retelling of the original movie released in 1998, and is called Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. Characters and set pieces have gotten a major overhaul and while fans seem to love it overall, some have been mixed on how models for the human characters look.

However, many in the community couldn’t get enough of the film’s latest depiction of Team Rocket, and took to social media where it quickly began to trend. The devious trio from the anime have never looked better.

Twitter user ‘M0BICAL’ kicked things off by posting two screenshots of the magenta-headed villain Jessie on their account. The tweet included two screenshots with the caption “Wait… she’s serving,” as the fan was impressed with how good she looked.


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The tweet quickly went viral with over 87k likes at the time of writing. Fans of the RPG series replied to the photos and couldn’t stop gushing over how good Jessie looked in the film, such as user ‘CobaltStarlight’ who said “JESSIE THO?? TF SHE LOOKS AMAZING.”

Pokemon fans couldn’t stop praising how Team Rocket was portrayed in the film.

Soon after the post about the anime heroine blew up, the other half of the human Team Rocket duo also got some love. Twitter user ‘WeegeeWuvver’ posted pictures of James and exclaimed,”Jessie deserves every bit of love she’s gotten for how she looks in the new pokemon movie but can we acknowledge how good James looks too.”


Despite the outpouring of love for Team Rocket’s CGI makeover, other fans pointed out main characters like Ash looked off. Such as ‘misshimari’ who stated, “it’s really just ash and misty that look off honestly, everything else in it converted really well to cg.”

While many fans loved Team Rocket’s makeover, not everyone was thrilled with other character models in the film.

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The Netflix Mewtwo Strikes Back remake has gotten praise from critics and viewers so far for being an excellent retelling of a classic movie. Although the community seems divided on certain elements in the film such as character models.

Despite the mixed viewpoints, one thing for sure is that many Pokemon fans are loving the new Team Rocket. Jessie, James, and Meowth have never looked so good.