Nintendo is actually issuing refunds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

how to get Pokemon scarlet and violet refundsThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players fed up with the game’s bugs and performance issues can actually get a refund from Nintendo for the games’ shortcomings on the Switch.

The launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been a controversial one to say the least with many panning the games for a variety of reasons.

For many, the bug-filled experience (and we don’t mean bug types!) has been a pain for many players despite the glitches having some comedic value due to how bizarre they are.

Others have found other bones to pick with the titles, such as the removal of shiny sounds and what fans are calling the “worst elite four” in series history.

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Luckily for players disappointed with this generation, it turns out that Nintendo has stepped up and is actually offering refunds for the pair of games, but doing so could be a bit of a challenge.

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Fans can actually refund their copies of Scarlet and Violet.

How to get refund for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on Nintendo Switch

In a post on Reddit, user ‘sellouthipster’ revealed that Nintendo would be issuing refunds for the games and that they had managed to get the Japanese gaming juggernaut to give their money back.

“Just got approved for an eShop refund for my Pokemon Scarlet preorder,” the user explained. “If you’re not liking the game, I urge you to do so as well.”

The trainer said that by going over to Nintendo’s website and asking to speak with customer support, it was possible to request a refund when chatting with an agent.

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Sellouthipster suggested that others copy the same message they provided to the agent: “Hi there! I bought Pokemon Scarlet last night, and I played for about an hour or two and unfortunately the game runs incredibly poorly.

“I don’t normally reach out in these instances, but frankly I think would really appreciate a refund as I can’t see myself enjoying playing this in its current state. Would that be at all possible?”

Nintendo hardware leaksNintendo
The Nintendo Switch is having trouble running Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

After providing customer service with information about their Nintendo account and Switch model, their payment was returned with the game deleted from the console and users have reported that this has worked for them.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are far from the first games in recent memory that have led to a massive influx of refunds.

Notably, and perhaps most infamously, Cyberpunk 2077 launched in such a state that Sony ended up pulling the game from the PlayStation store.

Of course, in the months and years that followed, Cyberpunk went on to become a vastly improved game with many updates. Whether or not the same will be said for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, however, remains to be seen.