Viral Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bugs are as hilarious as they are frustrating

Pokemon Scarlet Violet bugsGame Freak

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have finally arrived, the new entry in the popular franchise going viral for all the wrong reasons thanks to in-game bugs and glitches that, while greatly entertaining, are also causing major backlash online.

The Pokemon franchise is a longstanding series, one that has dominated the gaming world, anime universe, and more. With the recent release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus a big change up to the normal formula, there has been much hype and anticipation for the newest iteration, Scarlet and Violet.

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And while many are praising the new entries for their innovation, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet developer Game Freak is facing major backlash in light of the game’s major bugs and issues. 

Since launching on November 18, players have already taken to the likes of Reddit and Twitter to showcase their game-breaking glitches.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is riddled with bugs and glitches

One of the main bugs popping up for most users is the incorrect placement of Poke Balls during battles. This leads to some ridiculous moments when a Pokemon shoots out from within their trainer. Sometimes facing the wrong way or even halfway sunk down into the ground.

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And while these glitches are more humorous than they are actually game-breaking, others have come across much more troubling issues. Problems such as characters glitching out and Pokemon completely vanishing from the screen.

In some extreme cases, users have even encountered an issue where they fall completely through the map.

As a result, the game currently has a user rating on Metacritic of 2.8 out of 10. As well as this, some Pokemon fans have already requested refunds of the game and even canceled their pre-ordered copies.

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Reddit user ‘Head_of_the_Bordello‘ revealed how they were able to get their digital purchase refunded. “If you bought this on the Nintendo eShop just know you can call in and get a refund,” they explain. “They said it would be a one-time exception to their digital refund policy, however.”

Others have followed suit, speaking with Nintendo customer support about the in-game issues and receiving a refund as a result of their complaints and concerns. 

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