Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shiny sound removal is frustrating players

Pokémon Scarlet violet shinyThe Pokemon Company

Unlike Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Scarlet and Violet doesn’t have a sound that notifies users of nearby Shiny Pokémon.

Rare variants of pre-existing pocket monsters, Shiny Pokemon come in numerous shapes and forms. They initially appeared in Gold and Silver, proving so rare that finding just one felt like a noteworthy accomplishment.

These types of Pokemon have become easier to find over the years, though, thanks to design choices that allow players to spot them ahead of incoming encounters.

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This year’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus took things a step further by adding incredibly helpful audio cues. Unfortunately, not every PLA feature made the cut in the Scarlet and Violet experiences.

Players aren’t happy about Scarlet and Violet’s Shiny situation

User markimark1305 noted in a Reddit post that the shiny sound cue in Legends: Arceus benefited them as someone with colorblindness.

The absence of a similar feature in Scarlet and Violet often results in them running past a shiny, “unless there’s a drastic color contrast.” Apparently, this has changed how the player chooses to explore the open-world.

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Notably, the Redditor isn’t alone in wishing Scarlet and Violet boasted shiny audio cues of its own. One person said they have trouble spotting the variants even if there is a “big color contrast.”

According to several other responses, the Fletchling Pokemon get looked over the most, especially because they’re so small.

“Even with us non-colorblind folk, a decent amount of the Shinies in this generation are incredibly subtle and really hard to notice,” another Reddit user added.

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It would seem, then, that a number of players have struggled to pick up the Shiny creatures while exploring. Whether or not Game Freak will patch in the coveted audio cues presently remains to be seen.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet recently hit store shelves for the Nintendo Switch.