Pokemon Scarlet & Violet ripped for “worst Elite Four in any game” by fans

Pokemon Scarlet & VioletThe Pokemon Company

After playing through the entire base game, fans voiced their concerns over Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Elite Four, claiming the batch in the new games are the worst of all the mainline Pokemon entries.

The Elite Four are the strongest trainers prior to the post-game in every Pokemon installment. They serve as a final test for players before they’re crowned the champion of the region.

They’ve historically followed certain themes, with specifically catered battle rooms and music accompanying each member of the Elite Four. Many players look forward to experiencing these intense battles in the newest Pokemon games, as it becomes a momentous test of mettle.

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But after playing through the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, many players publicly criticized the developer’s ‘laziness’.

A quick spoiler warning for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

Trainers bash the new Elite Four

In a Reddit post, Pokemon trainer SuccBT stated “this is 100% the laziest elite four that they have come up with.”

According to them, each Elite Four doesn’t have a unique room anymore.

“It’s just a blank boring room and after you beat one of them, they just call in another member,” the user mentioned in their post.

After beating the base four members, the champion comes in. In SuccBT’s words, “you head to the roof of the building to fight the most anti-climatic champion ever. She doesn’t feel special at all, maybe just a slightly stronger trainer.” 

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The user continues: “The game has no victory road or any kind of build-up to the elite four except an annoying quiz.”

Others added their own opinion within the comment section of the Reddit post, mostly agreeing with this argument. “I just find the small child really funny. An elite four member that may as well be four,” one user joked.

“You already know someone’s gonna pull the ‘but sun and moon had reused characters as elite four members,'” another stated.

For context, Sun and Moon didn’t have an Elite Four at all, and instead opted for stadium and tournament battles.

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