Disguised Toast slams “zero effort” Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games

Disguised Toast streaming on TwitchDisguised Toast

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have finally been released, but Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang hasn’t exactly been impressed by Game Freak’s latest creature collecting game. 

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release has been getting a lot of attention from players around the world, with many outlining hilarious glitches and frustrating performance issues. In fact, if you’ve been active on any Pokemon social channels, then chances are, you’ve seen your fair share. 

While many Pokemon fans are hoping Game Freak will release a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet patch, the current state of the game is far from smooth. It’s because of these glaring issues that popular content creator Disguised Toast has labeled the titles as having “zero effort” put in to make them. 

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Disguised Toast thoughts on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 

“What are these animations though? They’re also all using the same animation by the way. You really couldn’t render, like 30 fps? 30 fps, that’s all I’m asking,” said Toast. The content creator seemed baffled that the developers couldn’t manage to pump out better performance, especially given how previous releases have also shared poor performance. 

“How does Nintendo keep getting away with this? You can’t keep cranking out technically terrible Pokemon games and expect it to be the most sold-out Pokemon game ever. Honestly, as long as they keep breaking sales records, they’re going to keep doing it.”

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As of writing, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have had the highest preorders in the series’ history – meaning the demand for these games is still exceptionally high. “I think Pokemon is a great franchise and like the concept is great, but the technical aspect of it is terrible,” said Toast. 

“It’s been terrible for the last 20 years. They make zero effort, absolutely no effort in like, optimizing anything…Breath of the Wild came out on the Nintendo Switch in the first year, it’s been like six years since the Switch came out – this game is less intensive than Breath of the Wild and somehow this is technically worse.”

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Hopefully, the developers will be able to fix a lot of Scarlet and Violets performance issues, but until then, many Pokemon Trainers will have to battle their way through the bugs.