Niantic adds free Item Bundle to Pokemon Go as an apology for Sustainability Week “confusion”

Pokemon Go Players Call Out Niantic Over Bad Premium Bundle BoxesNiantic

Earlier this April Niantic announced that a certain buddy bonus promised for the Sustainability Week event was an “error” which did not sit well with the community, and now the Pokemon Go devs have decided to give out a free Item Bundle to players who felt cheated. 

Earlier this month, Niantic Support tweeted out that one of the bonuses included in their announcement for the Sustainability Week event was an error — and that players will not be given the ‘1/2 distance to earn Candy with your Buddy Pokemon’ buff.

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Pokemon Go fans quickly started bashing the devs for leading them on, as the bonus was quite a big deal for some. And now, on April 22, Niantic has addressed the backlash by offering a complimentary Item Bundle available to grab at any time before the event ends on April 26.

“Trainers, we apologize for the confusion with the Sustainability Week event bonuses. We have added a free Item Bundle in the Shop for all Trainers for the event. Please claim this bundle before the event ends on April 26, 8 pm local time,” reads the full announcement.

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Niantic offers Pokemon Go fans a free Item Bundle after backlash

Players who claimed the compensation shared that the free Item Bundle contains: 1x Egg Incubator and 2x Poffins.

Some players feel like after the latest nerfs to Remote Raid Passes, and other problems the community had over the past couple of in-game events, this recommendation is too little too late.

“How generous. That’s the least you could do. Screw your players over countless times give garbage events and offer this little tiny ‘we’re sorry we are money hungry and can’t fix proper events’ package,” wrote one player.

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Others simply claimed the gift and were content that the company addressed what the fans of the game wrote.

“Keep up the great work Niantic. Don’t listen to the haters. They are just salty,” said another player.

It is truly a weird time to be a Pokemon Go fan, between players taking a hiatus from the game in protest of recent changes, and Niantic introducing new and exciting mechanics to the game, it is hard to tell if the game is about to enter its dark ages or a complete renaissance.

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