Epic Pokemon Emerald GameBoy SP design dubbed “holy grail”

Em Stonham
Rayquaza from Pokemon anime.

The Pokemon community is packed full of talented artists, ranging from Fakemon illustrators to people creating their own National Pokedexes. Whether you’re a fan of digital artwork, cosplay props, or customized consoles, there’ll be a Pokemon fan artist out there who inspires you.

It’s always exciting to see how creators put their own spin on popular Pokemon like the Eeveelutions and the Legendary line-up, and one talented GameBoy creative astounded the community recently with their take on a Pokemon Emerald GameBoy Advance SP.

Sharing their work with the community online, artist BklynMando excitedly noted “I absolutely love taking old unused Nintendo GameBoys and giving them a new lease on life to be enjoyed again”.

They received a mountain of praise from fellow Pokemon Emerald fans for their creative hobby – and it’s easy to see why, as the final product is incredibly eye-catching. It features the original Rayquaza artwork, with a color scheme that matches the iconic Pokemon Emerald palette perfectly.

The customized console brought back fond childhood memories for many readers in the comments, with one person noting, “Kid me would’ve loved seeing that back in the days. And adult me does, too. Amazing job really.”

Another handful of Pokemon fans in the Subreddit joked about how well this piece would’ve gone down at school, with one person saying, “POV: It’s 2005 and you’re the richest kid in 5th grade” and another noting that OP would’ve been “king of the playground”.

Other readers were amazed by the attention to detail with the GameBoy SP. One Pokemon fan dubbed it “absolutely insane”, while another praised the original artist for managing to put together “the holy grail of GameBoy”.

While the newer Pokemon games are undoubtedly exciting and full of interesting Pokemon, sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Rayquaza is an immensely popular Legendary – often touted as one of the best Dragon-type Pokemon in the franchise – and this custom GameBoy captures its ferocity perfectly.