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How to get Binacle in Pokemon Go and evolve it into Barbaracle

Published: 20/Apr/2021 9:32

by Daniel Megarry


Binacle is finally making its Pokemon Go debut. Here’s everything you need to know including when it goes live, how to catch it, and how to evolve it into Barbaracle.

Following in the footsteps of Clauncher and Skrelp, who were recently added during Rivals Week, the ‘Two-Handed Pokemon’ known as Binacle is finally coming to Pokemon Go as part of Niantic’s Sustainability Week event.

The dual Rock/Water-type Binacle first appeared in Gen VI games Pokemon X & Y on the Nintendo 3DS in 2013. Its addition to Go marks the latest in a long line of Kalos ‘mon that have been confirmed to come to the game by dataminers.


Even though we previously said it has one of the worst designs in Pokemon history, it’s definitely worth catching a Binacle to help you complete your collection. Here’s how you can do just that.

Where to find Binacle in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Binacle
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Binacle makes its debut in Raids and Field Research.

Trainers will be able to catch Binacle from Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 10AM local time, which is when the Sustainability Week kicks off. While that event only runs until April 25, Binacle is expected to stick around for good.

According to an official blog post shared by Niantic, there will be two main ways players can get encounters with Binacle in Go: Raids and Field Research. It also appears to be showing up in the wild, too.


In the wild

While Niantic didn’t mention whether or not Binacle will appear in the wild, it’s since been confirmed by Reddit users on The Silph Road subreddit that the Rock/Water-type will indeed be found there.

This means that trainers have a chance at catching a Binacle by walking around and tapping them if they appear on the screen. As always, items like Incense can be used to increase your chance of enc0unters.


Binacle will be appearing in Raids beginning on April 20, 2021 at 10AM local time. It’s not been revealed which tier of Raids it will be featured in, but as it’s not a Legendary, it will likely be in 3-Star Raids.


The creature will only be appearing in Raids until April 25, 2021 at 8PM local time, so set yourself a reminder and get ready to battle and earn those Binacle Candies.

Field Research

There will be event-exclusive Field Research for players to tackle during Sustainability Week. Completing these will offer rewards including encounters with Binacle, as well as other Pokemon like Cottonee and Chespin.

You can find the full list of research tasks here, but in order to get Binacle, you’ll need to ‘Use three Golden Razz Berries to help catch Pokemon’ for the Field Research encounter and ‘Use an Incense’ for the Timed Research encounter


How to evolve Binacle to Barbaracle in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Barbacle
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Binacle can be evolved into Barbaracle.

As the Kalos ‘mon Binacle is making its debut in Pokemon Go, it’s safe to assume that its evolved form Barbaracle will also be arriving in the game at the same time – although this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Players looking to evolve Binacle into Barnacle will have to save up 50 Candies for this particular creature, which shouldn’t take too long if you use Pinap Berries to increase the amount of Candy you get.

Can Binacle be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

While players may be excited for Binacle and Barbaracle to make their Go debut, the disappointing news is that their Shiny variations won’t be available in the game just yet.


Based on history, it’s likely that their Shiny versions will be added to the game during a future event, or perhaps as part of a Community Day. The good news is that Shiny Trubbish has now gone live!

Check out our Sustainability Week hub for more information on the event, including the debut of Shiny Trubbish and the in-game rewards you can earn for doing sustainable acts in the real world.