Bizarre Pokemon Go buddy glitch shows Mega Gardevoir flashing its trainer

Pokemon GO Tipped Mega GardevoirNiantic

A Pokemon Go player has encountered a strange glitch that tips Mega Gardevoir on its side when acting as a Buddy. The compromising position lets players look right up its skirt.

Pokemon Go players encounter plenty of glitches while exploring their towns and local parks. Fans have reported seeing texture swaps that recolor different species, have found encounters lacking eyeballs, and have been shocked by warped versions of the Team Leaders.

Some glitches and bugs are caused by new content added during updates, while others are less explainable. However, they can usually be fixed by restarting the app or closing out of a battle. Because of this, they are a fun laugh to share with friends, but not anything too impactful.

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On occasion, however, there are strange incidents where players find themselves plagued with different glitches. In the case of one Pokemon Go player, it has caused their Buddy to tip on its side, leaving them exposed on the ground.

Pokemon Go player finds their Buddy on the ground

In a Reddit post by OverflowOverflux on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the player shares a particularly shocking glitch affecting their Mega Gardevoir. The Buddy can be seen lying on its side, the view up its skirt, as two tiny toothpick legs stick out naked for the world to see.

The Pokemon Go player reaches out to others, asking “Why is my Mega Gardevoir sideways?” The additional photos show the poor Buddy stuck on its side, face down in the dirt.

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Fans in the comments don’t have an answer to resolve the glitch but share thoughts on Mega Gardevoir’s situation. One states, “She’s having a bad day, give her a break” while another adds, “It’s windy, she blew over.”

Others point out the compromised position of the Pokemon Go Buddy, commenting, “I think you posted your upskirt photos in the wrong thread…” and “That Ledyba be sneaking a peek tho”.

Thankfully, this is likely a bug with the newly debuted Mega that will resolve with an upcoming patch or update. While the Pokemon Go player’s Mega Gardevoir may just need a nap, its unfortunate collapse definitely creates a spectacle of a glitch.

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