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Ash Ketchum’s Cap item leaked for Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor

Published: 14/Jun/2020 20:14

by Brent Koepp


To celebrate the upcoming Pokemon film, Coco, players will be able to snag Ash Ketchum’s cap to wear in Sword & Shield. The iconic Trainer accessory can be found in the Isle of Armor DLC.

As players get ready for Sword & Shield’s Isle of Armor to drop on June 17th, popular Japanese magazine CoroCoro leaked a promotional item that will be available in the game’s first expansion DLC.

The gift is none other than Ash Ketchum’s cap from the upcoming film Coco, which is set to hit theaters in Japan sometime in 2020. Trainers will have to own the new legendary monster Zarude to obtain the coveted accessory.


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The Pokemon Company / Toho Animation
Sword & Shield will be getting Ash’s Cap from the upcoming film Coco.

Ash’s Cap coming to Sword & Shield

Pokemon’s latest film, Coco, is set to feature Sword & Shield’s newest Legendary monster, Zarude. To promote the new creature’s arrival, the eighth generation title will get a replica of Ash’s cap from the movie to be used as a clothing accessory.

Popular gaming outlet ‘Serebii‘ broke the news after scans from Japanese manga publication CoroCoro leaked online. In a tweet posted on June 12 , the site uploaded a picture from the magazine of what the item will look like in-game.

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Twitter: @SerebiiNet / CoroCoro
Magazine scans show the Ash Cap item that will be available in Sword & Shield.

Serebii had more information on how the promotion is going to work, and explained that Sword & Shield players with Zarude in their party will get the item after meeting an attendant at a Taxi station.


According to the the outlet, the character that fans will have to meet up in is located in the Isle of Armor. At the time of writing, it appears that it can not be found in the base version of the Gen VIII title.

Twitter: @SerebiiNet
The promotional item is reportedly located in the Isle of Armor.

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Those who don’t have plans to get Zarude are in luck, as it’s also being reported that the accessory will be offered in the form of a code for those that attend a screening of Coco. Although it’s currently unknown if that promotion will be rolled out in other territories.

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The Pokemon Company / Toho Animation
Sword & Shield is getting a new legendary Pokemon called Zarude.

So far the only way known to get Zarude is to purchase tickets for the film in Japan. Other regions will have to hang tight for now. Although we expect codes could be paired with the Western cinema release of the movie.

The Isle of Armor is making its debut next week on June 17th. The expansion will whisk Sword & Shield players to a new island where they will find a wealth of monsters to catch. The addition also brings new features and items to the Gen VIII game.

H/T: Serebii