All exclusive moves during Pokemon Go World Championships event

Daniel Megarry
Gengar learning exclusive moves during Pokemon Go World Championships event

There are loads of exclusive moves and attacks that can be learned during the Pokemon Go World Championships event, and we’ve listed them all right here so you don’t miss your chance.

Exclusive moves are some of the best attacks in Pokemon Go, as they often provide Pokemon with the Fast Move or Charged Move that they need to become a standout in the Go Battle League or as a Raid attacker.

Trainers can usually only get these exclusive moves (or ‘featured attacks’) during Community Days or by using rare Elite TMs, but occasionally they’ll be made available for a limited time during battle-focused events.

Below you’ll find all of the exclusive moves you can learn via evolution during the 2022 Pokemon World Championships event in Pokemon Go, as well as our recommendations for the best ones to learn.

Pokemon Go world championship event with Zacian and zamazenta

All exclusive moves in Pokemon Go World Championships event

These are the featured attacks that can be learned by evolving during the World Championships event:

PokemonExclusive Move
Rhyperior (evolved from Rhydon)Rock Wrecker
Gengar (evolved from Haunter)Shadow Punch
Gyarados (evolved from Magikarp)Aqua Tail
Metagross (evolved from Metang)Meteor Mash
Talonflame (evolved from Fletchinder)Incinerate

You’ll need to evolve these Pokemon during event hours – which is between Thursday, August 18, 2022, at 10AM and Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at 8PM local time – to learn their exclusive moves.

Most of these attacks have previously been featured as Community Day-exclusive moves, so now is a great time to catch up on any you might have missed in the past.

Best exclusive moves in Pokemon Go World Championships event

Metagross in Pokemon Go

While all of these exclusive moves are great, one of the best to learn is Meteor Mash as it can elevate Metagross to a top-tier Master League competitor as well as a brilliant Steel-type attacker for Raids.

Our next recommendation would be Shadow Punch for Gengar. This relatively cheap Charged Move gives the iconic ghost the ability to bait shields and helps it become a standout in the Ultra League meta.

As we said before, all of these featured attacks are top choices for each Pokemon, so if you’re able to get all of them then it’s definitely worth it as they all have a place in either the Go Battle League or Raids.

You can see full details of everything that’s happening during the 2022 World Championships event here.

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