Where to find and catch Mau in Palworld

James Lynch
Mau in Palworld

Mau is a Dark-type feline Pal with an Ancient Egyptian style design that offers a ton of utility for players thanks to one particular skill in its arsenal. Read on to find out how to catch one and add it to your collection in Palworld.

With over 100 Pals to collect in the current version of Palworld, there is a huge variety of skillsets to account for. Some are hugely helpful in combat while other Pals provide benefits in camp that none of their immediate peers can replicate.

Tracking down Mau isn’t as easy as wandering the open fields of the Palpagos Islands and throwing a sphere at it. Instead, players are tasked with heading into the darkest reaches of the world.

Here’s everything you need to know to get your very own Mau.

How to find Mau in Palworld

The only way to track down and catch Mau is to head into one of the many dungeons of the Palpagos Islands. There are 44 in total scattered across the islands, with a particular concentration of those zones in the starting area. Head down into the depths and you should come across them fairly quickly and easily.

Mau locations on the map of Palworld

How to catch Mau: Battle tips

Mau typically travel in pairs and will flee when they spot the player. As such, bring an appropriate ranged weapon for your level to pick them off from a distance. As some dungeons are possible from quite early in the game, some Mau are catchable around Level 10, and we’d recommend doing this if you can.

Though combat with Mau should be a relatively straightforward encounter, bringing a Dragon-type Pal should speed up the process. Chillet, Dinossom and Elphidran are all solid choices if you have them available.

Mau is well worth getting thanks to its incredible and unique Partner Skill, Gold Digger. After building a Ranch in your camp, simply assign the Mau to work there and it will begin to generate a limitless supply of gold coins. This currency can then be used to buy from wandering merchants or trade on the game’s simple stock market.

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