Where to find and catch Orserk in Palworld

Kurt Perry
The Electric-type Pal Orserk from Palworld with scenic background.

With more and more players reaching Palworld’s end-game, they’ll inevitably want the strongest team possible, and few are as strong as Orserk. Here’s where to find and catch Orserk in Palworld.

There are a lot of ways to catch the best Pals in Palworld. You can either power up an existing Pal, fuse Pals to create a new species or scour distant lands for the rarest creatures of all.

Orserk falls into the latter category with this powerful Electric and Dragon type Pal being truly special. It only spawns in one area and it’s a tough ask to catch one.

To help you overcome these challenges and get your own, we’ve put together this guide on how to get Orserk in Palworld.

Where to find and catch Orserk in Palworld

Orserk only spawns on the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, an offshore man-made island found in the far northeast of Palworld’s map.

Stepping foot on the sanctuary is classed as “criminal activity,” and runs the risk of gaining you a Wanted Level. To avoid this it’s important to stay undetected at all times while searching for Orserk.

No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary's location in Palworld.
Orserk’s location in Palworld.

As expected of a Pal exclusive to the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, Orserk is hard to catch. The Dragon/Electric type Pal is strong and has a low catch rate. Furthermore, it appears to spawn less frequently than some other sanctuary-exclusive creatures.

If you explore the sanctuary and cannot find an Orserk it’s best to leave and come back to refresh the island’s spawns. As for catching Orserk in Palworld, a suitable Ice or Ground type Pal is perfect for weakening it, and higher tier Spheres are heavily recommended to make catching it easier.

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