Palworld’s lava is too cold to incubate eggs as players uncover hilarious oversight

Eliana Bollati
Reptyro in the lava biome in Palworld

Palworld players are astounded to discover the game’s finicky incubation mechanic thinks lava is too cold to incubate an egg.

Catching Pals in the wild isn’t the only way to fill your Paldex in Palworld. Players can also breed Pals, or hatch them from eggs they find while exploring the Palpagos Islands. While breeding is a great way to discover new pals, players unlock the egg incubator, the item required for hatching pals from eggs, much earlier on in the game than the breeding farm.

Hatching special eggs, like large or huge eggs, increases the chance players have of obtaining unique Pals. Pals hatched from these eggs are often higher level or bigger in size than ordinary Pals caught in the wild.

But Palworld’s egg incubation system isn’t perfect, as one player recently discovered while trying to hatch a large scorching egg.

an image of Egg Incubator in Palworld
Players unlock the egg Incubator unlocks at Level 7.

They shared their amusing results to Reddit in a screenshot: “Seems a little cold,” the message on the game’s HUD reads. Appearing atop the egg, which is set on top of a pool of lava.

“Ah yes, the area where the lava is cold!” Came one comical reply. “This is the minibiome on the mainland, where the temperature is mostly neutral,” agreed another.

“This one needs a patch for my mental,” yet another player chimed in.

Another user explained the biome’s incubation quirks, “the north and south end of the volcano region are hot, but the central area is normal temperature (despite having lava everywhere).”

a huge dragon egg in palworld
Huge eggs often have a chance of hatching Pals with powerful stats.

Other players took the chance to share incubation tips with the thread’s creator, such as turning off the egg spawn timer. Or adding additional heat sources to boost the lava’s temperature.

Bugs and finicky mechanics are to be expected when a game is in early access. Hopefully, Pocketpair has plans to polish the egg incubation feature based on player feedback.

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