Overwatch 2 Moira still dominating despite changes

Shane Black
moira in overwatch 2

Moira is dominating the choices for Heroes in Overwatch 2, and the community isn’t really surprised by this news.

Despite her bevy of changes, Moira has always been one of the most chosen Heroes in Overwatch 2, largely thanks to her balanced abilities offering DPS and support.

This can be seen on Overbuff how many players are choosing her across the game, and the amount is staggering.

The Overwatch 2 fanbase understands this and isn’t upset to see that she is the top choice throughout each of the game’s ranks and roles.

The breakdown of these stats can be seen on the Overwatch 2 subreddit, where a player shows the data to back it up.

In their image, we see that in every single rank, Moira is the top pick across the board, and other users are explaining why this is the case.

“She doesn’t require much aiming, decent damage, great escape option, decent enough heals, and an ultimate that works in almost any situation. She’s pretty strong against most flank heroes so she’s self-sufficient.”

They go on to explain that she can contribute to both DPS and Healing in a match and does both fairly well.

Other users point out that she recently received a Mythic skin, which is going to cause more players to want to choose her when they boot Overwatch 2 up.

Some players are predicting, however, that once characters like Tracer get a nerf and fall out of the meta, Moira will lose popularity.

But for now, it seems like Moira is reigning supreme for a lot of Overwatch 2 fans and they can see why.