Overwatch players call for Valorant-style battle pass in Overwatch 2

Lauren Bergin
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As the Overwatch fanbase continue to cook up new ways to give the current iteration an injection of new content, Team Envy’s Mihai ‘mL7’ Lupascu has come up with a battle pass system similar to Valorant or Apex Legends. 

For a lot of Overwatch fans, the game’s current state isn’t what players are looking for. As the new crossplay feature continues to be a hit and miss, many believe the title needs something a bit more innovative.

As the game’s dedicated community continue to try and inspire Blizzard with creative concepts for in-game changes, one content creator has devised a battle pass system that would operate similarly to the likes of FPS titans Valorant and Apex Legends.

The brainchild of Team Envy’s mL7, this battle pass idea is racking up likes by the second, and has sparked an interesting debate about the future of Blizzard’s flagship FPS.

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As fans appear to be growing tired of Overwatch, this idea may spice things up for avid players.

Fan suggests Overwatch battle pass

On July 4, mL7 dropped an interesting new idea on Twitter. Writing “what if Blizzard released a special skin for every hero in Overwatch which can be purchased with a new type of currency and you can obtain that by doing weekly challenges,” the latter aspect sounds very like a battle pass.

In both Valorant and Apex Legends, the battle pass runs for a certain period of time (usually the length of a season) and is available for players to buy using real money. These normally drop cosmetic items that are exclusive to that season’s battle pass, including skins, gun buddies and much more.

Overwatch doesn’t have a system like this, so for many OG players who have unlocked everything, they’re on the edge of their seats waiting for either a new event or Challenge.

He expands on this, noting that “there could be three challenges every week, one for each role, and if you complete all of them that week you get to purchase one of the special skins.”

The comment has garnered 1k upvotes and is on the rise, with players everywhere jumping in to give their take on this interesting idea.

One fan writes that this could be integrated with the current ‘golden gun’ system, which sees players rewarded with a golden chroma for their main hero’s weapon if they play enough competitive games. “They should have made golden guns the unlock when you complete certain long terms achievements,” they note.

One fan points out that the game’s weekly challenges are intertwined with the game’s professional scene, the Overwatch League (OWL,) but notes that a “battle pass sounds like a better idea.”

Finally, another refers to mL7 as a “visionary,” clearly supporting this idea.

Will we see a battle pass in Overwatch? While the odds aren’t in our favor with the game’s current iteration, the highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2, might eventually see some sort of weekly challenge system.

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