Overwatch 2 players debate the best skin since sequel launch

Patrick Dane
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Overwatch 2 players have been discussing their favorite skins of the sequel era, and which ones stand out. 

Overwatch 2’s skins have been a pretty controversial topic since the game’s release in 2022. In Overwatch 1, if you played enough, you could get the skins you wanted for free by earning currency to buy them from events. That said, you couldn’t spend real money on the one you wanted, as you had to buy enough loot boxes to either accrue the currency you needed or you just had to get lucky and get it in a box. 

Overwatch 2 tried to make that process more streamlined by allowing you to buy skins directly so you could get the one you wanted right away. The catch was that now they more or less had to be bought for $20, as earning the coins you need to get one for free takes a really long time. 

This has made skins far less accessible than previously, at least for those not included in the battle pass (which to be fair have introduced amazing customizable Mythic skins). That’s a shame because some of the new skins have been total bangers. On that, players have been discussing their favorites of the Overwatch 2 era.

What is the best Overwatch 2 skin?

In a Reddit thread, players have been discussing their favorite skins since Overwatch 2 came out. In it, there are several suggestions for memorable ones that released over the last year or so. 

The top comment reads: “Cardboard Reinhardt cause that’s how useful his armor actually feels”. While obviously joking about how Reinhardt can struggle in the meta at the moment, this is a reference to an awesome skin that turned Reinhardt’s massive glistening armor into cardboard. 

Another comment suggested: “Mob Boss JQ [Junker Queen]. Like they really gave her a exotic [Mythic] battle pass skin which was great in its own right. But then the very next season they drop this banger of a skin.” This skin turns Junker Queen into a suit-wearing mob boss and it’s hard to deny it looks amazing. 

Junker Queen from Overwatch 2 in her mob boss skinJunker Queen’s Mob Boss skin is awesome

One player posited “Star Sheep Orisa”, which turns the hulking Tank into a beautiful cosmic sheep. Another player added “That was my favorite one until the Rubber Ducky skin dropped”. This is in reference to a brand new skin that transforms Orisa into an enormous rubber duck in amazing, if not terrifying fashion. 

Overwatch 2's Orisa in her rubber ducky skinOrisa’s Rubber Ducky skin is amazing, if not a little horrifying.

One thing is clear – while the issue of their accessibility remains contentious, the skins in the game remain amazing. The art team at Blizzard does an awesome job with these. Here’s hoping that beautiful skins from the past find their way back into the game and are easier to get your hands on in the future. 

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