Overwatch 2 Battle Pass overhaul brings much-requested feature to game

Cassidy Stephenson
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Overwatch 2 devs have made a huge change to the Battle Pass system, specifically regarding Mythic Skins.

Blizzard has revealed some exciting Overwatch 2 updates regarding new Heroes at BlizzCon 2023. News included officially announcing the game’s 39th Hero, a Samoan brawler named Mauga, during the Opening Ceremony.

Mauga will be available in a limited-time trial for Overwatch 2 players from November 3 to November 5. If you’re wondering about how to play as Mauga, you can check out our guide here.

In addition to Mauga, Blizzard also revealed an anticipated feature that allows players to earn Mythic skins not exclusive to the current season.


Overwatch 2 players are overjoyed to get their hands on Mythic skins, which are a tier higher than Legendary skins. A few past Mythic skins include Galactic Emperor Sigma and Adventurer Tracer.

To unlock Mythic Skins, you’ll need to reach a certain tier of the Battle Pass during a specific season. For example, users had to reach tier 80 of the Season 4 Battle Pass to earn the Galactic Emperor Mythic skin for Sigma.

Now, Blizzard has changed things up by allowing players to obtain any Mythic skin they want with the premium Battle Pass.


“I mean ok but then what’s the point of buying the battle pass lol,” one person wrote.

“So every mythic people worked towards is just useless now nice man,” another user remarked.

Despite the disappointment, other Overwatch 2 players were glad they could obtain past cosmetics that they missed.

“If you don’t like this new feature, it shows that you are just selfish. This is great! Now all players can earn mythics they missed,” a third player said.

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