Bizarre Overwatch Orisa skin idea is perfect for animal lovers

James Busby

Overwatch’s Orisa is known for its kindhearted personality and loyalty on the battlefield, often protecting any allies from harm. In order to capture this connection, one fan has transformed the friendly Omnic into a dashing horse. 

Orisa may not get as much love as Mercy or Reaper when it comes to Overwatch skin concepts, but that hasn’t stopped one fan from giving the Omnic its own animal-inspired theme. Not only does this dashing design idea feature plenty of detail, but it also finally puts the hard-working tank in the spotlight. Orisa’s kit is tailored purely around shielding her allies and displacing her foes. 

This makes her a great pick for any team looking to put up a stalwart defense, while also dishing out decent damage. Despite Orisa’s overall usefulness, the game’s tank often gets neglected with many players often favoring the designs of Reinhardt and Winston. Fortunately, this design had given the Omnic the first-place prize. 

orisa overwatch
Nothing can stop this valiant steed from snatching first prize!

Equestrian Orisa Overwatch skin idea

Overwatch’s Orisa is often the workhorse of any shield-based comp. In order to reflect this, artist rosie_jaen has created a skin that shows off the Omnic’s good nature. The detailed design has given Orisa her very own first-place award, dashing green jacket, and leather saddle. 

Orisa’s feet are no longer mechanical in nature and have been replaced with hooves, while her head features a white mane that has been tightly braided – a theme that is associated with showhorses. The Omnic even has its very own bushy tail, further supporting the equestrian theme. 

Meanwhile, Orisa’s Fusion Driver has been clad in what appears to be brown leather and decked out with its very own horse-like ears. If that wasn’t enough, rosie_jaen has also given the Guardian Robot a prize-winning ribbon, which has been proudly adorned on Orisa’s green jacket. 

It’s clear that a lot of time and effort has been put into creating this equestrian design and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. 

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