Overwatch 2 Mythic ‘Amaterasu’ Kiriko skin revealed for Season 3


Overwatch 2 finally confirmed a Mythic skin for Kiriko, coming as part of the Season 3 Premium Battle Pass.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 begins on February 7, featuring one new map and Battle Pass, and hero balance changes. The Development team also uploaded a blog post on January 31 detailing big changes coming to the game’s matchmaking rating and ranking system. The devs also finally confirmed Credits are returning to OW2 in Season 3.

Community members praised Blizzard over the recent slew of announcements, and the good news continues to roll in.

Kiriko is a fan-favorite character in OW2, and the hero is receiving her first Mythic skin in Season 3.

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Overwatch 2 reveals Kiriko Mythic skin

Kiriko Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer screenshotBlizzard Entertainment
Kiriko has been dominating OW2 since her release.

On February 1, Overwatch 2 announced a Mythic skin for Kiriko.

Genji received a Mythic skin in Season 1, and Junker Queen’s Season 2 Zeuz Mythic skin was inspired by the Greek God. Similarly, Kiriko’s Mythic skin, ‘Amaterasu,’ is inspired by the Japanese sun goddess.

Kiriko is the latest support character to join OW2, and she has dominated. As of January 13, the popular support character is the third most selected hero.

Known for her extremely fast movement speed, Kiriko can climb walls, heal teammates with talismans, teleport directly to allies, and throw deadly kunai knives. Her Ultimate Ability makes allies move and shoot faster and decreases cooldowns

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Players have discovered devastating combos, such as combining Kiriko’s abilities with Roadhog. Some community members even called for a nerf to the popular support hero.

The developers did not confirm how to unlock the Mythic skin, but based on Season 2, it will be at Tier 80 in the upcoming Battle Pass.