Overwatch 2 players praise devs for big MMR change in Season 3: “Winning matters now”

Overwatch 2 MMRBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch community’s early responses to developer Blizzard’s plans to revamp MMR for Overwatch 2 are positive, with players seemingly pleased that the dev team is listening to feedback and making adjustments to the system in Season 3. 

The Overwatch 2 dev team at Blizzard recently uploaded a fresh blog post, detailing and explaining what changes the community can expect to see in regard to the game’s matchmaking rating and ranking.

One of the biggest changes being made is that, “in Overwatch 2, your MMR adjustment after every match is not impacted by your performance in each match.” The dev team then explained how, “the goal with this change is to make the average MMR between each role more evenly matched to each other instead of looking more broadly across the entire team to balance things out,” 

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Blizzard went on to add that, “this is a major change to the matchmaker, so we’ll be actively monitoring for any unintended side effects.”

Based on early reactions from the community, it appears that these changes are being received extremely positively. In a new Reddit thread dedicated to the new blog, Overwatch players have begun praising the dev team for these future changes and for listening to player feedback.

One Reddit user wrote that this change is “a good thing because algorithms are dogsh*t at figuring out skill,” while another user also explained how “now what matters is actually winning the game rather than just padding your stats.”

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Other Reddit users, such as PalmIdentity, also wrote how “your objective should always be to win the game, not pad your stats. I know it’s easy to conflate the two, but they’re not the same.”

Time will tell how this revamped MMR system plays out for Overwatch 2. However, it does appear that the change-up is at least being welcomed by the community and players to begin with. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled and see how it tracks throughout Season 3 in the near future.

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