Overwatch Credits are finally coming back in OW2 Season 3

Overwatch 2's Heroes are the focus of the game and Credits unlock skins to keep them looking good.Blizzard

Overwatch Credits are coming back to the franchise in OW2. Initially included in the game as Legacy Credits, the first title’s premium currency will add another layer to the in-game economy.

Overwatch Credits, and their associated loot boxes, were retired after the transition to Overwatch 2. Stored on old accounts as Legacy Credits, they were still spendable on certain items, but there was no way to add more of them to a collection.

That’s changing in Season 3 though, as Blizzard is bringing back its signature cash replacement and opening up more avenues for players to earn and spend.

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Overwatch 2 Season 3 officially adds Credits back to the franchise

In a January 31 community update, the devs explained exactly how the returning feature will work.

“Now, all players can earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards and another 500 credits as premium rewards spread throughout Season 3 Battle Pass.  We are also adding more uses for your Credits so you can choose from many potential rewards,” they revealed.

That means that Overwatch Coins, which are currently used to buy the Battle Pass and cosmetics, will still function as normal, and that Credits will only add another way for fans to unlock items.

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This also confirms that Credits will be tied directly to the Seasonal reward track and will not be bringing loot boxes back into the fray with them.

As for new uses, adjustments will be made to Epic and Legendary skins.

“First, nearly all the epic and legendary-tier skins prior to Overwatch 2 launch will always be available in the hero gallery for purchase with either Overwatch Coins or Credits.

“This includes skins from the seasonal event modes, so now you can finally pick up Witch Mercy, Surf ‘N’ Splash Torbjörn, or Snowman Wrecking Ball any time of the year without waiting for the event to roll around! Second, we’re lowering the standard price of these legendary skins to 1500 Coins or Credits.”

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The update also noted that they’re looking for even more ways to spend “in the future” and that the devs will be monitoring feedback on what’s working and what’s not as more changes are made.

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