Overwatch 2 players slam Sojourn ‘special treatment’ in balance patches

Overwatch 2 players voice frustrations with balance patches as Sojourn evades being nerfed more.Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players are urging Blizzard to step in with a substantial nerf for Sojourn, hinting that the hero may be getting special treatment after coming on top even after balance patches.

Since its release, Blizzard has rolled out balance patches in an attempt to keep things fair and in line with the gameplay.

In turn, the community often responds to how these tweaks have affected gameplay, often with mixed results.

But after spotting a certain Overwatch 2 character has been unphased by new changes – as others get nerfed – many fans are starting to wonder if the devs are in Sojourn’s corner.

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Overwatch 2 players call for major Sojourn changes

Sojourn seems to be sliding by, in the midst of balance updates, and continues to be one of the strongest heroes while other characters struggle to keep up with their new changes.

Many fans have taken to Reddit to challenge the decision to keep the character in such a dominating state.

At the time of writing, Sojourn can one-shot heroes with her fully charged railgun, which charges by simply shooting normally at other players, and her ultimate, creating a very dangerous adversary. 

In the Reddit thread with hundreds of upvotes, the poster asked: “Why is Blizzard so content with nerfing every other character into the ground except Sojourn?”

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Sojourn in Overwatch 2 looking dismayed with game logoBlizzard
Sojourn has been tweaked in a few Overwatch 2 patches but many think developers haven’t gone far enough.

This prompted nearly 300 responses, with one user saying: “She probably plays a huge part in the OW2 campaign and they want people to like her and not fade into irrelevancy cause she’s the new leader of OW.”

Someone else brought up how Blizzard decides who gets nerfed and buffed, stating: “Blizzard won’t fully nerf her because she’s not performing nearly as well in low ranks. They even talked about how she wasn’t dominating at those ranks, which is why they focused on nerfing Genji instead.”

With Season 3’s release right around the corner on February 7, fans are hoping that it will come with changes for the character but only time will tell.

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