Overwatch 2 dev drops big hint about Season 8’s “exciting” tank hero

Michael Gwilliam
mauga in overwatch 2 with baptiste

The Overwatch 2 developers have already dropped a massive tease about the identity of the next tank hero slated to arrive in Season 8.

Overwatch 2 Invasion will be kicking off in August bringing in long-awaited PvE missions, a new core game mode, and even a support hero, but the character next on the docket could be even more hype.

Currently, Overwatch 2 heroes are being released every other season and the devs have been frantically adding new supports to catch up with the number of tank and DPS options available.

That said, Season 8 will see the introduction of a new tank following the release of back-to-back healers with Lifeweaver and the upcoming mysterious support. During an interview, Executive Producer Jared Neuss hinted at the tank’s identity and it’s good news for fans.

Overwatch 2’s next tank hero already teased by devs

Speaking with Twitch streamer Emongg, Neuss addressed a previous statement about the next support being “cute” before teasing upcoming characters.

“We have a bunch coming up. We have the new Overwatch 2 Invasion hero that we’ve teased,” he said, referencing Game Director Aaron Keller’s blog post where he revealed new concept art.

When it comes to the hero after that, however, Neuss had some comments that really excited the community.

“We have another hero coming after that that I’m really excited about. I think everyone’s going to be really excited about them. I won’t say much about that hero,” Neuss added.

Some players have already taken this to suggest that Mauga, a Talon character first shown off in Baptiste’s backstory could be the tank Neuss was talking about.

Previously, fans had discovered some in-game hints that could point to Mauga coming after the support. In the Antarctic Peninsula spawn room, there are posters that directly reference Peru and Samoa. The new support is rumored to be from Peru and where is Mauga from? That’s right. Samoa.

Of course, take everything with a grain of salt. Season 8 is still quite a while away, but if the next tank ends up being Mauga, many Overwatch 2 players are going to be absolutely thrilled.