Overwatch 2 confirms new tank hero cinematic & Competitive changes at BlizzCon

Michael Gwilliam
overwatch 2 mauga with ranks

BlizzCon 2023 has confirmed that a new origin cinematic for the game’s next tank hero will be shown off along with long-awaited updates to ranked play and more.

Overwatch 2 fans will be eating good at BlizzCon this year as Blizzard has revealed what fans can expect to see at the event.

On November 3, BlizzCon will begin with its opening ceremony with plenty of surprises about the studio’s many games and OW2 is no exception.

It was already confirmed that the game’s new tank hero was going to be revealed, but it turns out that they’ll be getting the whole shebang when it comes to content and that includes an origin story.

BlizzCon 2023 to feature new hero origin story and ranked update

In a new blog post, Blizzard revealed that the new hero will be shown off during the opening ceremony at 11 am PST, but at 2:30, they’ll be unveiling plenty more.

“Join Overwatch 2 developers as they explore the art, backstory, and abilities of our newest hero, including the premiere of their origin story cinematic,” the post states.

The new hero, confirmed to be a tank, has been rumored to be Mauga, a Talon agent and former friend of existing hero Baptiste.

Samoa, Season 7’s map, even features some clues that point to Mauga being the next hero as fans have spotted several hints throughout.

The following day on November 4, the devs teased news for Season 8 and beyond. The blog post claims that future changes for Competitive Play will be unveiled, plus “even bigger surprises that we can’t wait to reveal.”

Previously, the Overwatch team had hinted that ranked could return to an SR-based system, but we’ll have to see exactly what they’re cooking next week.

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