Blizzard drops date for new Overwatch 2 tank Hero reveal

Declan Mclaughlin
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Blizzard has dropped the release date for the reveal of the next Overwatch 2 tank Hero, which is suspected to be Mauga.

Overwatch 2 fans will get a chance to see what the new Hero will look like soon. The last Hero players got to see before its release was Illari as Blizzard gave fans a taste of the new support Hero back in May before her August release.

Now, Blizzard has revealed that the next Hero on the release calendar, a yet-to-be-named tank, will be showcased at BlizzCon. The Convention is set to take place on November 3-4 and will feature much more than just the Hero reveal.

The new addition is suspected to be the long-awaited Mauga, a Talon character first shown off in Baptiste’s backstory.

The next Overwatch 2 tank Hero reveal coming at BlizzCon

Fans have been putting together evidence since the reveal of Lifeweaver back in April that Mauga will be the next Hero added to Overwatch.

Developers teased the addition of a new and “exciting” tank hero coming after the introduction of Illari, and many have taken this to mean Mauga is on the way. Other evidence fans have pointed to include supposed in-game hints like posters in the Antarctic Peninsula spawn room.

Those posters reference Peru and Somoa. Illari, the newest Hero added to the game, is canonically from Peru and Mauga is from Somoa.

Others have pointed to the newly showcased control map called Somoa, which fans will get a better look at during the Overwatch League Grand Finals on October 1, as even more proof that the new tank Hero is the Talon character.

Mauga would be the fourth new Hero introduced this year and the seventh since Overwatch 2’s release. He would also be the third tank added to the game in the same time period as Blizzard has said they are focused on introducing more supports and tanks.