Overwatch 2’s next support hero seemingly teased with multiple map updates

Michael Gwilliam
space ranger in overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players are convinced they’ve spotted clues in the sky pointing to the arrival of the game’s next support hero.

Season 11 of Overwatch 2 is now underway, but fans will need to wait until S12 to get their hands on the next character, currently codenamed ‘Space Ranger.’

However, Blizzard could have something special up their sleeve, as players have spotted something – or someone – in multiple maps soaring through the night sky.

As eagle-eyed content creator Hazelet noticed, a meteor of sorts was seen on Route 66, Hollywood, and Blizzard World – all of which are located in the USA.

The only American map to not feature the space object is Midtown, but it’s still in its Pride month variation.

Interestingly, the meteor is not visible in other locations just yet, so we’ll have to see if other maps get updated too.

Players suspect this could be a Space Ranger tease. Space Ranger is the next support hero planned for OW2 and was first announced at BlizzCon back in November, 2023.

We don’t know what their abilities or actual name will be, but concept art shows her wielding a “burst-fire Smart SMG” and shoulder-mounted rocket pods.

Ever since Mauga, Blizzard has provided players with the opportunity to try out new heroes before they’re released, so expect to be able to play Space Ranger at some point in Season 10.

However, there could be more than meets the eye. One other possibility is that this is for the upcoming Transformers collaboration, which will start rolling out on July 9.

Luckily, with the collab only a few weeks away, fans won’t have to wait long in order to find out if the new hero is being teased, if it’s for Transformers, or even possibly both.