Overwatch 2 players make big discovery for upcoming support and tank heroes

overwatch 2 mauga teaseBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 devs dropped a big hint for the next support hero scheduled to launch in Season 6, but players think they know who the next tank will be, too.

During the last OW2 dev chat, the team shared a content roadmap along with unfortunate news about PvE Hero Missions and talent trees, announcing that those portions had been scrapped from the game.

Although much of the discussion has been about the cut PvE modes, the roadmap also included a pretty significant teaser on the identity of the next support – and possibly even a future tank, too.

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In the roadmap, the “new support hero” section includes imagery featuring a colorful waterfall, and it didn’t take long for players to determine where this photo was from.

Major Overwatch 2 hero hints discovered after roadmap reveal

As it turns out, the image of the waterfall is taken from a poster found in the Antarctic Peninsula spawn room and directly references Peru.

This seems to suggest that the next hero will be Peruvian, but that’s not all. Next to the Peru poster in Antarctic Peninsula, there’s another poster that fans think could be a hint at an upcoming tank.

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A Samoa poster on the same wall and style as the Peru one has players believing that Mauga – a hero teased years ago – could finally be coming after all.

“You know who else is Samoan? The big man himself, Mauga! This is way too on the nose to be a conspiracy and I am pretty sure our next tank is Mauga. What do y’all think?” wrote user Theo_Cueio on Reddit.

Others agreed that this could very well be a sign that Mauga will finally be released in a future update.

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“It’s a very blatant and intentional hint at a new hero. They did this type of stuff for almost all heroes in OW1, they’re just getting back to it now that their internal development pipeline has stabilized a bit,” remarked another.

We’ll have to wait and see if this tank theory ends up being true, but in the meantime, fans have no idea who this mystery support is aside from the fact they’re likely from Peru, so their Overwatch 2 debut will certainly be a surprise to many.

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