Overwatch 2 Invasion: Release date, story missions, new support hero, more

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Overwatch 2 Invasion New Hero Story MissionsOverwatch 2

Overwatch 2: Invasion has been announced. It’s coming with a new PvP game mode, some long-awaited PvE story missions, some perks for Game Pass players, and much more. Find out everything you need to know here.

Overwatch 2 was initially a massive hit, reviving the franchise in many ways and bringing many players back to the multiplayer title.

However, the announcement that the initially promised PvE mode with traits and other RPG-like features wouldn’t be coming was a huge hit to the Overwatch 2 community despite promises that there would be PvE content coming.

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That said, the coming Overwatch 2 Invasion update showed a great deal of new content for those invested in PvP and some new PvE content as well. Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2: Invasion.

Overwatch 2 Invasion release date

The Overwatch 2 Invasion update will be coming on August 10, which will likely be close to or on the day of Season 6’s release. It’s yet unclear whether the new support hero that was teased in the trailer is coming alongside with the Season 6 battle pass, but it’s a safe assumption going off of previous release schedules.

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Blizzard have claimed that Overwatch 2 Invasion will be the biggest update Overwatch 2 has ever had, and the first unique and new PvE game mode that’s come to Overwatch since Overwatch 2’s release.

Overwatch 2 Invasion Story Missions

The Rise of Null Sector has some of Overwatch’s most iconic heroes defending the planet from the invasion of Null Sector, with their goal of kidnapping other Omnics that populate these cities and razing the rest.

According to Xbox’s article outlining what players can expect from the PvE offering. Invasion will come with “three action-packed Story missions featuring many favorite heroes in Overwatch 2” that can be completed either in co-op or by matchmaking with others.

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There’s also a new co-op event coming to King’s Row that’ll allow players to explore parts of the map that are entirely new, as well as revisit parts of King’s Row they’re familiar with. Overwatch 2’s new PvE offering has a lot going on.

Flashpoint comes to Overwatch 2 as a new PvP game mode

Flashpoint has been announced as an all-new PvP mode, coming complete with 2 new maps. Much like Overwatch 2’s other PvP modes, these maps are made for this new mode.

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It’s a mode somewhat similar to the now-defunct Assault mode (2CP) that requires players to reach multiple capture points, and it features maps massive enough to hold all these capture points.

For more information about the mode, you can read more here.

Overwatch 2 Game Pass collaboration

Overwatch 2 players on PC and Xbox will be able to connect Game Pass to their accounts, giving them access to the new heroes released since Overwatch 2 launched. This full list is Junker Queen, Sojourn, Kiriko, Lifeweaver, Ramattra, and an unnamed sixth hero.

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This means that those who want to hop into Overwatch 2 that already owned the first game will be able to get their hands on every hero the game has to offer if they’ve got a game pass subscription.

Overwatch 2 Invasion teases new support hero

While it isn’t yet clear what the new support hero will do, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be released alongside Overwatch 2 Invasion. A short clip teased this new hero at the end of the trailer.

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There’s not much that can be taken from this just yet as far as what the new hero actually does, but this first look has fans excited for what’s to come.

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