Overwatch 2 shares major PvE update and 2023 content roadmap

Michael Gwilliam
Tracer and Lucio in OW2

The Overwatch 2 devs surprised fans by unveiling a major roadmap for content on the way in 2023 and beyond, including an update on the PvE mode.

Overwatch 2 players have been waiting for Blizzard to finally update them on the plans for the game going forward and on May 16, during a Twitch stream, they finally got their wish.

During the shock broadcast, the Overwatch team presented a content roadmap filled with an assortment of surprises including a long-awaited launch of the PvE story campaign.

Season 5 will introduce a limited-time event Questwatch, a new Sojourn cinematic, and the return of Summer Games.

Following that, Season 6 will see a new support hero and the launch of the PvE story campaign portion of Overwatch 2 alongside a new progression system, firing range, and more.

Overwatch 2 PvE story missions launch in Season 6

During the live stream, the devs unveiled that the PvE story will finally kick off in Season 6 following years of hype since first being announced at BlizzCon 2019.

However, Executive Producer Jared Neuss confirmed that ambitious parts of PvE promised will not be included at launch. Unfortunately, hero missions and talent trees won’t be released with PvE, marking a significant change in what Blizzard had first revealed.

Regardless, Season 6 will be the “biggest” in Overwatch history. The new story arc will begin with new missions and cinematics. There will also be a new section of King’s Row – something players may have actually found a way to access early.

Season 6 will also come with a new “core game mode” called Flashpoint featuring two new maps. This mode also supposedly includes the biggest maps ever created for OW2.

In Season 7 and beyond, Hero Mastery missions, a new tank hero, Sombra and Roadhog reworks, a new control map, and a lot more lore is in the works.

We’ll have to wait and see just how the PvE content plays out closer to its launch, but for now, Overwatch players have a lot to be on the lookout for in the months ahead.

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