Overwatch 2 devs confirm Mauga buffs after BlizzCon preview weekend feedback

Michael Gwilliam
mauga in ow2

The Overwatch 2 dev team has already confirmed Mauga buffs are in the works after players got a chance to try out the Season 8 tank early.

After months of teases, Mauga was officially unveiled as the Season 8 tank at BlizzCon 2023 and the developers gave players the chance to try him out right away that weekend.

Although the tank has been fairly well-received thanks to his fun kit, concerns were raised about his survivability with users feeling the tank was getting “melted” too easily.

Luckily, the devs have been all ears and during a discussion about Roadhog’s rework, confirmed that changes were coming to Mauga when it launches.

Mauga is already getting buffed in Overwatch 2

Speaking with Twitch streamer Cyx and Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson, the topic of Roadhog’s survivability came up with the Overwatch dev bringing up Mauga as an example.

“One thing we learned recently even with Mauga, we are tuning up some of his survivability numbers coming to the game, because we got a great look in that preview weekend and how people were performing and where he was in the cast,” Dawson explained.

The dev went on to add that they’ll be doing the same type of evaluation with the Roadhog rework and how he performs in the current meta.

Dawson didn’t reveal exactly how they would be improving Mauga to keep him from being melted, but some obvious methods would be a HP increase or buffs to his Berserker passive which grants him health for dealing critical damage.

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