Overwatch 2 dev drops hint about mysterious new support hero’s unique weapon

Michael Gwilliam
overwatch 2 season 6 support

Overwatch 2 fans think they’ve figured out the new support hero’s unique weapon after a developer dropped an interesting hint on social media.

The Overwatch 2: Invasion trailer showcased the game’s upcoming PvE story missions, modes and teased a new hero at the very end.

While not much is known about this character so far, it is confirmed to be female and will feature some new mechanics. As it turns out, those mechanics could very well be tied to this unique sword-looking weapon.

On Twitter, Senior Animator Kyle Disanjh had quite an interesting reply to a fan curious if the support would be wielding a rifle or a sword.

Overwatch 2 players mesmerized by new support hero’s unique weapon

Disanjh had a very short reply to the question, but it was still one that raised eyebrows in the Overwatch community.

“TBD,” he said, teasing that the weapon’s function had yet to be decided.

Of course, given how long Overwatch heroes take to make, there’s little to no chance the team is actually still figuring out how her weapon will work. This has led some fans to believe it will be interchangeable.

“Sword rifle confirmed,” one remarked.

“Gunblade,” said another.

One user even theorized that TBD could be short for “the big dagger” similar to Doom and Quake’s BFG standing for “Big f**king gun.”

Since being briefly shown in the trailer, speculation has only ramped up, drawing comparisons to LoL’s Senna as fans await more details on her.

Sadly, with the new hero arriving in Season 6 and Season 5 only just beginning, players are likely going to need to wait a bit before Blizzard officially reveals the character to the world. Until then, it’s full speed ahead on the speculation train.

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